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Losing a few kilo’s quickly!

Posted on December 2, 2014 at 2:54 pm by / 1 Comment

Hi Ladies

What do you guys eat when you want to shed a few kilo’s quickly?

For me, my fall back weight loss plan always involves soup! I am not talking about anything as extreme as the “cabbage soup diet” of the late 70’s, simply replacing a standard lunch with a liquid one. I usual find it fills me up without loading the kilojoules.

Obviously I keep clear of creamy calorie heavy recipes. Anything that begins with “cream of…” is out.

Tom Yum is my first choice. I love spicy Thai food.  This helps with my chilli fix.

It can be made with chicken, seafood or fish to increase protein intake, or simply with veg. I have set below one of my favourite recipes. Like all recipes, I like to play around with it depending on my mood. Increasing the mushroom content provides for a filling and healthy meal.


Please share with me your go to meals for weight loss.

Love Carolyn.


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